Day Planner time!

In an effort to make myself more organized and use my time more wisely I’ve created my own day planner.

It has come in pretty handy so far.

day planner

And so I thought I’d share it with anyone who might be interested.

At the very top I put the day/date, in “important” I put info like if it is a Birthday or anniversary or something that is needing special attention for that day, then what needs to be done or is going on in each hour slot that is needed and lastly in notes I usually put my important to-do’s for the day.

Day Planner template – Sheet1 (1)

Do you have a way that helps keep you organized? Let me know, I’m always looking!!

Here’s to some organized Pixie dust in each of our lives!! 🙂


Oh, the anticipation!

I can NOT wait till I actually start doing this whole travel agent stuff.

It is so exciting and fun! And the other people I “work” with are super great, helpful and supportive. A really great community- all over the country!

I’ve got a little more training accomplished in the general Travel agent stuff, but I need to get more focused on Disney and the other parks and when the time comes for stuff outside of that, it does!

So….. Disney research fun here I come!

I think in order to keep me on some type of track I will post what I’ve learned at the end of each week here in the blog.

Hmmmm??? That should be good, right?! 🙂

If anyone out there has any place they know of to get good and correct Disney info, I’d love to hear where that is.



Adults in kid costumes

Adults in kid costumes

Ladies costume

Ladies costume

Salem witch costume

Plus size minnie mouse costume

Plus size princess costume

Fairy halloween costume

Finally! I’m on my way to becoming a Travel agent specializing in Disney!

image from:

I have already graduated from the Disney’s College of Knowledge.

(Oh, that reminds me I need to order my graduation kit!)

And I can’t wait to start helping people and families make their magical and memorable vacations and trips!

Along with posting about Disney travel and other great travel destinations, I will be posting on here about my addiction to Pinterest and what curious things I may find and maybe even attempt to try.

Basically this is like my personal journal that I want to share with those who might be interested.

Here we go…… 😉

strength and courage through passions.

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