Why use a Travel Agent?

Here are just  a few of the reasons that it pays to have a Travel Agent on your side:

  • Financial savings! They can usually help you find the best deals and/or help you stay within in or even sometimes under your budget!
  • Time savings! Instead of you have to do all of the searching and digging they do it for you!
  • During trip Assistance– if something should come up during or even before your travel your agent is there to help ease some of the pain and help where they can.
  • It doesn’t cost you any extra for their services! That is correct! A travel agents business is FREE to you when you book your travel through them.

And here are just a few reasons you should use an Marvelous Mouse Travels Agent:

  • Team work! If I am not sure about something I have a whole team standing behind me to help figure it out for YOU!
  • Onsite training- at MMT we are continually working on doing onsite trainings together. Just this year we did a Disney Cruise as a company. We truly learn so much together doing this for our clients!
  • NO RUMORS or FALSE ADVERTISMENTS! We are always up front, honest and looking out for the best interest of our clients.
  • FUN! We want to make sure that your vacations are as much fun as they are budget friendly and organized!!
  • THANKFUL! We are all truly blessed to do what we do and show it in our work ethic.

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Life online

I know that blogging is going to help me boost my business and maybe even inspire someone, maybe ;), but why is it so stinking hard to get going?!

My mission is to schedule at least one post a week. Mostly Disney/Pinterest related like the title of the blog states! But probably some random things as well. Keep it interesting for me and others who may be interested.

I’ll stop boring you and get onto planning.

Thanks to those who take time out of their days/nights to check my blog out. I’m sorry it’s been so lame so far. 😦 I promise to try and do better.

TTFN!! 🙂

Another passion in motion

Thanks to the passing of the Cottage Food law in Minnesota last year I can now make baked goods in my home and sell them for profit.

Cottage Food Law FAQs

I received my registration # in the mail and now just need to figure out how I will go about doing this, getting word out that I am doing this and what I will make!

Ohhh!! What will I make!?!?

So many ideas and so little time!

Off to the drawing board I go…..

**Have any ideas or thoughts for me- I’d LOVE to hear them!**

Disney cruisin

Disney cruisin

Time flies by…

Things have been going well in my Travel Agent job thanks to the amazing, trusting and fun people who have been willing to work with a newbie like me.

I’m learning and growing so quickly.

I truly look forward to what the future holds for myself and the rest of my Marvelous Mouse Travels Family!!

I’ll be trying to be better about posting more here with tips, thoughts, ideas, savings and anything else that I think would be a fun post for my site.

Any ideas on what to post are welcome as well!! 🙂


penelope 1

penelope 1

pinkish office

pinkish office

Seletti small item storage
$100 – lovethesign.com

Wall hanging

Pink binder

strength and courage through passions.

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