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Why use a Travel Agent?

Here are just  a few of the reasons that it pays to have a Travel Agent on your side:

  • Financial savings! They can usually help you find the best deals and/or help you stay within in or even sometimes under your budget!
  • Time savings! Instead of you have to do all of the searching and digging they do it for you!
  • During trip Assistance– if something should come up during or even before your travel your agent is there to help ease some of the pain and help where they can.
  • It doesn’t cost you any extra for their services! That is correct! A travel agents business is FREE to you when you book your travel through them.

And here are just a few reasons you should use an Marvelous Mouse Travels Agent:

  • Team work! If I am not sure about something I have a whole team standing behind me to help figure it out for YOU!
  • Onsite training- at MMT we are continually working on doing onsite trainings together. Just this year we did a Disney Cruise as a company. We truly learn so much together doing this for our clients!
  • NO RUMORS or FALSE ADVERTISMENTS! We are always up front, honest and looking out for the best interest of our clients.
  • FUN! We want to make sure that your vacations are as much fun as they are budget friendly and organized!!
  • THANKFUL! We are all truly blessed to do what we do and show it in our work ethic.

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cruisemmt     night one crew


Marvelous Mouse Travels


Marvelous Mouse Travels Onsite training: Day 2


We started the day off bright and early

to get to Universal Orlando’s Hard Rock Hotel and Resort for training with our friends Barry and Gail. Then we were off to the parks to enjoy and get to know.

This was my very first time ever being to Universal anything so I was very excited for this day. Unfortunately it was VERY cold so it was a bit harder to enjoy it as I had hoped, but it was still educational for myself and fun!

Here are just a few things that we saw and experienced that day:

the americana

The Americana

I loved the theme of this resort! Very retro. Clean lines and bright colors!

There is even a bowling alley here.

mirror hard rock A mirror with a bunch

of different famous singers heights on it. (Hard Rock Hotel)

robe hard rock

The Hard Rock is supposed to feel like you just stepped into a rich and famous man’s mansion. Down to the smell of his cologne through out the hotel. (Not my favorite part!)

sapphire falls

In the background of this photo is the brand new Sapphire Falls Resort to be opened within the next year or so.

pb fountainfloral room

We were able to tour all of the resorts on Universal property. All of them had their own special theme and all of them were very nice!


portofino bay

Universal Parks……..

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dr s





Marvelous Mouse Travels Onsite Training: Day 1

night one crew

Look at this crew!

This was a jam packed, fun and educational experience that I’m so glad I got to be part of.

We started the first night by meeting at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue for a great show and very tasty dinner and dessert!

(By the way- most of us have never met each other! We came from all over the country.)


HDDR is a 2 credit Table Service

hddr dessert drink

Ok! I am drooling just thinking about how tasty and fresh this

Strawberry Short Cake was and how yummy that Sangria

sitting in the background was.

(The Sangria actually comes with the meal- it does not cost extra!)

mmt bag

Night one was a success!