Easy extra dinero

If you haven’t yet and you are looking for easy ways to earn a little extra money you should definitely try Swagbucks!

Swag Bucks

What you do is earn points that you can decide how to use.

I personally like to use the amazon $5 e-gift cards and how I earn enough to get that: Use Swagbucks as my search engine for almost everything- even if I already know how to get to a site I still put it in Swagbucks first, Coupons- I’m a big couponer anyways so this is just another way that using coupons helps me save money, watch videos- Sometimes while I’m doing work on my computer I will also have these on in the background, Shopping! Yup- there are many stores that I shop from online anyway that I end up earning points for so why not? And lastly I try to remember to do the daily poll.

Easy as pie!

(Mmm… I love pie. Seriously! I love pie! I’d take pie over any other dessert any day.) 🙂

pie fork


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